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Adams Real Comfort Bar Stool.

Adams completely reinvented the classic bar stool from the bottom up.

A modern take on the timeless classic, the RealComfort Barstool is 100% design engineered in the USA out of high-quality Polypropylene with a UV inhibitor.

ergomic barstool design-www.angloamericandistributors.co.uk

A unique innovation in hard-seating design -The Real Comfort Bar stool features a revolutionary "patent pending" seating design that is ergonomically engineered to relieve pressure on both the iliac and coccyx bones. Each stool rests on safety grip attachments under each leg.

This bar stool is ideal to use with Adams Bistro Table.
Adams real comfort bar stool is stackable and available in 2 versions:-

30 ins real comfort bar stool
Product code 8350-23-3708. Desert Clay.
Case pack 8.

24ins real comfort bar stool
Product code 8351-23-3708. Desert Clay.
Case pack 8.