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Adams World's Best Suction Hooks for Everyday.

Convert your used Adams Christmas FSDU to an everyday suction cups display for sales throughout the year.

Use up any overhang from Christmas and purchase extra cased stock to fill up your FSDU after Christmas.
We supply a new replacement retail priced header card front incorporating the line:-

"Not just for Christmas".

Powerwing -Anglo American
Available in case packs of 12.

5pk Small suction hooks 7500-77-2042
4pk Medium suction hooks 6500-74-2012
2pk Large suction hooks 6000-74-2043
1pk Giant suction cup (2 hooks) 5750-88-2253

Work better and longer than all others.
Phthalate Free and non toxic.

Weight ratings for each Adams suction hook on glass:-
Small - 0.45kgs (1 lbs)
Medium- 1.36kgs (3 lbs)
Large - 3.2kgs (7 lbs)
Giant - 4.5/5.5kgs (10 -12 lbs) interchangeable hooks

Use with sun catchers, dream catchers, hanging crystals, ornaments, thermometers, keys, car air fresheners, signs. Hang craft work on windows, slick shiny bathroom tiles, on fridges or in greenhouses etc..etc...