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Decorative Garland Cord Twist Ties

These attractive material garland ties are packaged in a quality Polybag of 6 pieces and available in 6 colours.
Wrap around garland, lights and other decorations and twist ends to secure. The Haute Decor decorative garland ties are extra long at 16ins (40cms) to fit around wide banisters etc.
A hidden wire helps the twist tie to retain its shape.

Available in:-
Brown - DT1606A
Burgundy - DT1606B
Gold - DT1606D
Red - DT1606G
Silver - DT1606H
Olive Green - DT1606J
White - DT1606W
Gold/Silver/White - DT1606P
Taupe/White - DT1606Q
Red/White - DT1606R

decorative garland ties in use