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Double Suction Wreath Hook. Product code:- 5750-86-5034. Tray Pack 6.

Adams Double Suction Wreath Hook consists of 2 x Giant 85mm PHTHALATE FREE suction cups with a heavy duty, large, clear Polycarbonate hook.

This wreath hanger is ideal for a wreath on a window or a flat, dry, clean, non-textured, smooth, glossy, slick/shiny UPVC door. It can also be used for other purposes on the correct application surface.

Adams Double Suction Wreath Hook is rated to hold 20lbs (9 kgs).
Adams suction cups will hold between temperatures of MINUS 29C (-20F) and +49C (120F), but should first be applied above 5C (40F).

See the Pro Grade Giant Suction Wreath Hook video.

Product code:- 5750-86-5034
Blister card - 1 item
Tray Pack 6.