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Drymate Christmas Tree Mat. Product code CTS-28/CTSC28. Case pack 12.

Fibre material is made from over 50% recycled plastic bottles.

This is the original Drymate Christmas Tree Stand Mat. Made 100% in USA.

A highly absorbent and waterproof Christmas Tree Mat in Green or Charcoal colour. This mat measures 70cms (28ins) in diameter. It is also machine washable.

Never worry again when watering your tree as this durable Christmas Tree Stand Mat will help protect your floors from staining and scratches and can be used year after year. This mat is also useful for artificial trees.

All Drymate Waterproof Products feature Zorb-Tech anti-flow absorbency technology. The felt type fabric side of this mat made from over 50% re-cycled fibres and soaks up and contains 5 times its weight in liquid. The waterproof non-slip bonded backing prevents "soak-thru" from above or below.
Made in the USA.

Drymate demonstration video.

Product code:- Green Mat CTS-28
Charcoal CTSC-28
Case pack 12.
Also available in FSDU of 24.

Green Mat is also available in 36ins diameter CTS-36
Case pack 12.

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