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Drymate XL PREMIUM Barbecue Gas Grill Mat. Extra Large. Product code:- GMRF3058C. Case pack 4.

Fibre material is made from over 50% recycled plastic bottles.

The Drymate Premium Gas Grill Mat is made from a heavier weight material than the standard XL Gas Grill Mat.

This is a highly absorbent " no soak thru" extra large Drymate Gas Barbecue Grill Mat measuring 75 x 145cms (30 x 58ins) in a charcoal grey colour and is easy to clean.
The Drymate gas barbecue grill mat is useful to protect against unsightly food and grease stains on a patio or decking. It is also suitable for synthetic decking.
(This mat cannot be used with charcoal grills).

All Drymate Waterproof Products feature Zorb-Tech anti-flow absorbency technology. The felt type fabric side of this mat made from over 50% re-cycled fibres and soaks up and contains 5 times its weight in liquid.
Made in USA.

View the Drymate demonstration video.

Product code: GMRF3058C
Case pack 4.