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Haute Decor Original Christmas Stocking Mantel Clips.

Much safer (with inquisitive children around) than heavy stocking hangers from elsewhere that sit on the mantel top and rely on their weight to stay in place.

The tradition of hanging Christmas stockings has been around for hundreds of years, and most people love the sight of seeing those stockings hung by the fireplace on mantel clips waiting to be filled up on Christmas Eve.

Haute Decor are the original designers of the Mantel Clip scroll design. There are many cheap, poor quality copies on the market. Haute Decor Mantel Clips have a superb finish with a 1.8mm metal thickness for strength and have clear protectors along the bar and on the scroll where they fix to a mantle. This enables them to grip better and not scratch delicate finishes on mantelpiece tops.

Hang stockings, lights and garland with the Original Haute Decor Mantle Clips which are available in a variety of finishes in shiny, with snowflakes, brushed or embossed patterns.
These strong metal stocking hangers adjust to fit most mantels (see fireplace profiles below) and have grippers that hold tight and protect the mantel surface.

Please visit the video:- Haute Decor Original Mantle Clips.

mantle clip 2 in box-www.angloamericanonline.co.ukmantle clip 4 in box-www.angloamericanonline.co.uk

Haute Decor Original Mantle Clips are available with superb gloss packaging in a 2 or 4 quantity box.

Shiny and Brushed

2 pack/ 4 pack

Shiny Plain Brass
MC0200 - MC0400

Shiny Plain Silver
MC0202 - MC0404

Oil Rubbed Bronze
MC0211 - MC0411

Brushed Nickel
MC0217 - MC0417

Antique Brass
MC0250 - MC0450

MC0240 - MC0440

Brushed Copper
MC0254 - MC0454

Shiny Silver w/Snowflakes
MC0230 - MC0430 (image top of page)

Matte Black


2 pack/ 4 pack
silver glitter mantel clips

Silver MC 0256 - MC0456

Gold MC 0257 - MC0457

Red MC 0258 - MC0458
(see image top of page)

Embossed Holly

2 pack /4 pack
Christmas stocking mantel clipsAntique Brass
MC0221 - MC0421

Oil-Rubbed Bronze
MC0222 - MC0422

MC0223 - MC0423

Embossed Snowflake

2 pack /4 pack
embossed snowflakes mantel clips
Antique Brass
MC0231 - MC0431

Oil Rubbed Bronze
MC0232 - MC0432

MC0233 - MCO433

New Mantel Clips with Chalkboard
Haute Decor mantel clips with chalkboards

New. Silver mantle clips with chalkboard.(see image at top of page)
(chalk included)

2 pack/4 pack

Adjusts to fit most mantels

mantle clip fireplace profiles-www.angloamericanonline.co.uk