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Adams Deluxe Light Clips. 50 ct Box. Product code 9060-99-5635. Tray pack 12.

NEW FOR 2002.

Deluxe Light Clips are heavy duty gutter hooks which are part of Adams Commercial Christmas Hardware range for the more serious DIYers and professional decorators.

Use these clips on square gutters and the rapidly increasing popular fancy shaped gutters known as "Ogee".

Hang LED or incandescent string, icicle, mini lights, C5, C6, C7, C9, C12, Globe (G Series), rope lights and more.
The top fitting can be angled up or down and duel display lighting is achieved by using the fitting beneath.
A colour light above and an icicle below gives a great duel effect.

The patented stabiliser wings keep bulbs perfectly upright, even during severe weather.

Product code :- 9040-99-5635
Box contents:- 50 clips
Tray pack:- 12 boxes