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Adams Best Suction Hooks for Everyday.

We now source our FSDU's from a UK manufacturer.

Adams Everyday Suction Cups are far superior to all others:-

  • Will not yellow, become brittle, or lose adhesion over time.
  • Phthalate Free and non toxic.
  • Light diffusing ring technology prevents surface damage.
  • Crystal clear.
  • Weight rated sizes.
  • Strong metal U shaped hooks.
  • Quick release tab.

Use with sun catchers, dream catchers, hanging crystals, ornaments, thermometers, keys, car air fresheners, signs and posters Hang craft work on windows, slick shiny bathroom tiles, on fridges or in glass greenhouses etc..etc...

If you are a company that requires suction cups in loose form to hang signs or products for your own display or promotional project, then please visit our bulk website Suction Cups Direct. to view our large range of types and sizes for your application.