How it all started. Adams suction cups history and their progress to the present day.

Bill Adams

Bill Adams started selling suction cups over 30 years ago. At night, he and his family would put hooks on suction cups and he'd drive around the next day selling them to gasoline stations and hardware stores.
Today, Adams Mfg. the world's leading producer of suction cups.

In addition to suction cups, several other product lines have been introduced - Quik-FoldŽ furniture, home/school/office magnets, and an extensive line of Christmas decoration products. Adams fine products are protected by 150 U.S. and overseas patents.

Bill Adams 2

Adams are committed to producing suction cups as well as all their other products in America, in their own factories with their own tooling.

Adams plant 1

Their new, three-acre manufacturing facility, combined with sixteen acres of secure, sprinkler protected warehouses keep costs low and quality high.

Adams plant-suction cups

Adams plant 2