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Drymate Absorbent Plant Coasters. Tan Bamboo Weave Print.

Available in 3 sizes - 6ins, 8ins, 10ins diameter.
Individually packaged on hang cards.

These are Drymate USA plant coasters or plant pot mats in a tan bamboo weave print.
Drymate highly absorbent plant coasters are extremely durable, stain resistant and machine washable which feature a "no soak thru" feature.

The thin, soft, non-woven, felt-like round coaster which is made from over 50% re-cycled material protects tables and furniture from spills and scratches as it absorbs and traps dirty water so it won't leak through onto the surface below or on to carpeting and floors.

Product codes:-
6ins - DM39
8ins - DM20
10ins -DM27

Case pack 30.

Also available in light green bamboo weave print design.
6ins - DM85
8ins - DM86
10ins -DM87

Case pack 30.