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Stocking Hangers. Stocking Hooks. 2ct pack - Product code:- 5730-06-1240 - Case Pack 12.

These are a 2 pack of Adams Safety Grip Stocking Hangers or stocking hooks made of strong, clear Polycarbonate with PVC end grippers for Christmas stockings on fireplace mantels. Each stocking hook is rated to hold 10 lbs (4.5kgs) in weight.
These stocking hooks are safer than heavy metal ones where children are around.

Adams stocking hangers work on the clever principal of "static friction", where alternative heavy metal hangers rely on their weight to keep them in place.
Adams safety grip stocking hooks require no adhesive or fixing.
A specially designed soft, triangular plastic end piece (which is made from the same material as Adams suction cups), "grips" to give a secure hold and won't scratch or damage a mantel surface.

The heavier the stocking - the better the stocking hook "grips" the fireplace mantel.

Product code:- 5730-06-1240
Polybag contents - 2 items.
Case Pack 12.